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A Naval Base (jap.: 鎮守府)(Baronh: シュテューム Shute~yumu) is a military base, where warships are deployed when they have no mission or want to resupply.


Naval bases are important to maintain control of strategic areas as well as provide supply and maintenance of ships. They can serve as headquarters and as training or educational institutes for the military. Further they can serve as a hub for trade.

Tokyopop has translated 鎮守府 as Peace Protection Office based on the Kanji and perhaps leaning on the popular japanese Public Security Service naming scheme and role. However, as depicted in the Bots 1 anime by the Vorbeirunei Naval Base 鎮守府 undoubtedly meant Naval Base, see JDIC.

Humankind Empire of Abh[edit]

The Star Forces usually maintains a recruitment office on habitable planets and a communication base in orbit. At the borders there are trade stations. However, in order to defend and control the huge galaxy larger bases are needed. For the defense of the eight kingdoms the Star Forces maintains eight command bases. These bases are effectively in control of the kingdoms. Each of these bases is located close to one of the eight Kingdom Sords. Each base is commanded by an Admiral level officer.

United Mankind[edit]

Aside from fixed bases the United Mankind deploys Mobile command fortresses.

Federation of Hania[edit]

People's Sovereign Union of Planets[edit]