Officers Academy

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The Officers Academy (jap.: 翔士修技館)(Baronh: ケンルー・ロダイル Kenru Lodair) is the academy dedicated for educating and training officers for the Star Forces.


The academy is part of the Flying Department. Only Abh-born candidates can be admitted to the academy or rather having the spatial organ is a requirement. All candidates must pass the entrance exam before being admitted. Aside from other ships the academy has some cruisers that serve as residence for trainees. As the academy is the only institution in the Empire that teaches plane-space navigation anyone can enroll who need the qualification whether they are enlisted personnel of the Star Forces or just want to be traders.

The program is divided into two parts. A lot of time is dedicated to acquiring plane-space navigation skills. The final test of the curriculum is practical flying in plane-space.

Note that combat training is only done within the Star Forces.


The academy is an artificial planet that houses a population of one hundred thousand or more. There are a number of gardens.