Operation Iolaos

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Operation Iolaos[1](イオラオス作戦) was the secrect operation of the United Mankind against the Humankind Empire of Abh.


As the Abh Empire has held exclusive possession of the 12th Sord Ring, the other nations have tried for a long time to find a way into it. Originally this operation was a general standing secret search order, but as the operation became successful it became a full-fledged operation.


First a closed sord had to be found that would open a way into the 12th Sord Ring. For this they search very possible system in reach, including systems only reachable in normal space travel. After finding a suitable sord it would be made to close by starving it of energy. This process can take up to a decade. Then it will be transported to a system with convenient plane space access. The operation yielded two suitable sords: FLIST0223, and VRGE1447. VRGE1447 = (Sord Kikotosokunbina Keik) Keish 193 Sord was tranferred to the Vascotton system. FLIST0223 = Suivu 882 Sord was moved to an unspecified system near the Ilysr Sord.

Begining of the Operation[edit]

Upon finding the sords the United Mankind called in the Republic of Greater Alkont, People's Sovereign Union of Planets, and the Hania Federation to form the Four Nations Alliance. Soon the members would begin a military build up in secret. The operation ended upon arrival of the sords to the staging place, and Operation Herkules was initiated.