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An Orbital mansion or Garich or Garish {gariʃ}[Noun] is a large structure in space that serves as a home for people living in space. It is the equivalent of an Orbiting Castle, Castle mansion, nobility’s private home. It is the typical home for Abh. Some mansions house a whole clan, usually the poor ones. Most of the mansion can be found in Lakfakalle.


The orbital mansion is basically a ship with minimum propulsion, enough for it to keep station or change orbit if necessary. Stationkeeping is achieved with RCS thruster.

Older mansions are ring-shaped because they relied on rotational pseudo-gravity. Newer mansions have artificial gravity generators (Wameria).

It usually has a small shuttle bay for Calike shuttles and Fifu Kekura. For larger ships there are docking ports.

It usually has an independent life support system. Some are even completely self sufficient with hydroponic and meat farms. There is usually a large garden for recreation and the children to play around.

Some noble's mansion like Baronh Febdash's mansion are armed.

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