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Tokyopop has translated 鎮守府 as Peace Protection Office based on the Kanji and perhaps leaning on the popular japanese Public Security Service naming scheme and role. However, as depicted in the Bots 1 anime by the Vorbeirunei Naval Base 鎮守府 undoubtedly meant Naval Base, see JDIC.

From Baronh 'Glaharerl Shutymer', 'Glaharerl' means Headquaters. So there's uncertaint in the true meaning of 'Shutymer'.

The Peace Protection Office ((鎮守府)?)

(Glaharerl Shutymer)[1]:274[2]:201 was the Abh Empire's military (personnel/human?resource) organisation.


In ICY 952, Admiral Trife was transferred from being one of its directors to command the Trife Fleet. In ICY 955, Star Forces Fleet Admiral Unyuush was the commander-in-chief of the Peace Protection Office. He transferred Spoor to her new command.[3]:170

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