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Prior to ICY 934

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Humankind Empire of Abh

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  • Admiral (ICY 955 - 959)
  • Grand Admiral (ICY 959 - Present)

Rekef (レケーフ) was commander in chief of the 5th Phantom Flame Fleet and then later admiral in command of the 24th Fleet Twin Thorns. He may have a domain over an unknown duchy as a Duke, and serves the Laburec currently as a capable admiral.


As a duke, he is required to serve in the Laburec. That being said, his early life, while currently unknown, appears to have created a well organized commanded that shows great potential and initiative if given key objectives. With the outbreak of The War he saw real action during the Battle of Skaresh where due to the great bloodletting by both sides most likely gained his admiralty position.

Operation Phantom Flame[edit]

In ICY 955, he was commanding the 5th Fleet Phantom Flame, which had been tasked as the column to pressure weak points on either the left flank or right flank of Operation Phantom Flame. These flanks were held by the 2nd and 4th Fleets, so while he acted as a rear-guard technically, he understood the importance of maintaining multiple approaches in plane space to a single objective. He would come to use this later in his career. During the 2nd Battle of Aptic, he was given orders to deal with the escaping remnants of the United Mankind fleet and to destroy them in detail or capture them at Wimple.

Between ICY 955 and 959, he held various subordinate commands and served dutifully, perhaps going unnoticed due to his background role during Phantom Flame. He did not hesitate to display his talents during this time; however, and managed to earn a new commission at the head of a major operational fleet once more.

Operation Twin Thorns[edit]

In ICY 959, he was appointed Vice Commander-in-Chief of Operation Twin Thorns alongside the overall Commander-in-Chief Admiral Kotoponi. His assigned responsibility considered of pushing out from the Barke Kingdom into the People's Sovereign Union of Planets. He was to seize the gate at Kemal and sever the United Mankind's connection with the Sovereign Union, hoping to form the southern "thorn" of the Empire while Kotoponi formed the second northern thorn.

During the Battle of Kemal, he anticipated that the enemy may use a second approach to flank his attack and strike. He held his 25th Fleet briefly in reserve prior to ordering them on a right-flank attack toward Kemal, expecting that the enemy may strike him there. He needed the 25th in position to detect an attempt to outflank him and to destroy any attempt to halt his attack. His tactic worked decisively, and he was able to combine the might of the 25th and 24th without worry after the enemy's assault on his right failed. He seized the gate within days and would prepare to redeploy for future operations.

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