Republic of Greater Alkont

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Republic of Greater Alkont
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(100) billion (ICY 952)

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The Republic of Greater Alkont is a democratic nation and signing member of the Nova-Sicilia treaty, also known as the Four Nations Alliance. It is currently at war with the Humankind Empire of Abh. Its capital is the Alkont system.


Diversified locally as with all other human nations, but common official language may exist. This has not been provided in details in the novels. Given the structure of the human nations, this can be inferred as one widely used in either politics, trade, standardized education, and diplomacy.


The Republic is prominent in political, economic and cultural importance to the Four Nations Alliance. It forms a hub which the United Mankind maintains access to the Federation of Hania. Close contact and open trade through Alkont means the republic may dictate its own terms on how Hania and the United Mankind may interact with each other using its plane space gates.

The Republic is the most active nation regarding trade, because it has a powerful bureaucracy, and the highest uniformity. Given its size and smaller industrial capacity; however, it depends on the United Mankind and its larger neighbor, the Federation of Hania, for military support.

Sylesian War[edit]

Nova-Sicily Treaty[edit]

In ICY 940, the United Mankind invited representatives from the Federation of Hania, the Republic of Greater Alcont, and the People's Sovereign Union of Planets to the planet Nova-Sicilia in their territory.

The United Mankind proposed a non-aggression treaty with these nations in order to form an informal front against the Humankind Empire of Abh.

The War[edit]

Main article: The War

In ICY 952, Marimba Soo-Nee was the ambassador of the Republic to the Empire. The ambassador was joined by three other human representatives to attempt to dictate terms to Empress Abriel Ramaj in order to ensure peace following the Gosroth Incident.

The Republic proved its solidarity by its presence, but was still reluctant to start a war. Due to the expansionist overtures of the other human nations involved and Empress Ramaj calling the Alliance's bluff, the Republic found itself at war.

When the Federation of Hania declared to be an armed neutnral party in the war; effectively withdrawing military participation from the Nova-Sicilia Treaty, the Republic decried the Federation of Hania for its apparent treason. This helped the Hania government reinforce its claim to armed neutrality for a time being until later in the war by ICY 955.

During the war the Republic supported the United Mankind with military supplies and fast ships. Its military proved its mettle during the Battles of Marial and Elkon Gates by engaging the Abh forces in 7 days of near continuous combat.



The Republic of Greater Alkont's political system is a combination of a parliamentary system and representative democracy.


As member of the Nova-Sicilia treaty, the Republic of Greater Alkont works together with the Four Nations Alliance to contain the Humankind Empire of Abh.


The Republic of Greater Alkont supports free trade.


  • human genetic manipulation is forbidden