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Rikpal (リクパル Rikpal?)

is the official language of the United Mankind. Numerous other languages are generally used among the member words; however, Rikpal is the standard by which education and diplomacy among member planets and external nations are conducted.


It appears Rikpal is somewhat based on Russian with some undetermined influences in Slavic; possibly Polish. This language has been categorized and is fairly well translated by Abh standards and is present in their universal translator programs.

Some Abh while in training, depending on their duty, are obligated to study Lander languages of the major human powers. Princess Lafiel, either using a translator or her own knowledge, is able to speak a sentence at least in Rikpal.

Appearances and Analysis[edit]

So far Rikpal has not been explained nor has it been written out more than once in the Cots novels. Rikpal otherwise at least for naval naming and some sentences appears to have a primarily Russian, if not Slavic influence.

"Pan dongu zop koth ri ji. Neik go shek!" was uttered by Abriel Lafiel in the 2nd Cots novel of the Tokyopop version.

The starship designations KE03799, DEV903 and their type classification have a direct root in Russian naval naming conventions.

Their designation is also consistent with Soviet ship and ship-class naming scheme which simply is a type name plus a number. Such naming conventions normally applies to frigates and destroyers for the Russians and Soviets.

Individual ship names are rare in the Soviet or Russian navy unless the class of ship is assigned as a cruiser or larger.