Rock Linn

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Rock Linn
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ICY 952

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Humankind Empire of Abh

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Nobility - Count


Hyde County

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Rock Linn (ロック・リン) was the president of the Martine Planetary government prior to the arrival of the Abh Empire and their annexation of the Hyde system. He is also, perhaps more importantly, the father of Count Jinto Linn.


An elected leader, Rock Linn assumed the Martine presidency sometime before ICY 944-945. By this time, his wife and the mother of his son had passed away and Jinto was in his prepubescent years. Rock seemed to spend more time dealing with governmental issues than spending time with his son since Jinto spent most of his time under the care of Rina and Till Clint - the president's aide and friend of the family.

Martine's Annexation[edit]

When the empire arrived to annex the Hyde System, Rock decided that Martine was far too outnumbered and outgunned to resist the Abh and in order to save his planet and avoid a costly war, he ordered the surrender despite disagreement among his cabinet. Rock also unexpectedly made a deal with the Abh empire, that with the Martine surrender, he and his family would be recognized as Abh nobility so they would still rule at the head of the Martine government. The reasons behind this decision are largely unknown.

Further information did arise; however, that even prior to the invasion, he had become an incredibly unpopular president of the planet. With dissent within his own cabin, the opportunity to secure the position for himself and family worked out well; however, would damage relations for himself and the rest of his family to everyone on the planet.

Last Years[edit]

Following the annexation, Rock traveled to Lakfakalle to be recognized as nobility and to presumably learn about the empire. Sometime before ICY 952 he returned to Martine to govern as the local leader, whether he was considered by the Abh as nobility is not clear. Unfortunately for him, the Four Nations Alliance War began in that year and the Hyde system was conquered by the United Mankind. With this change of oversight, the government of Martine voted to have Rock tried and executed for treason. He was executed sometime in ICY 952 prior to Jinto's visit in ICY 956.