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Career information
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ICY 958


ICY 958



General characteristics
Class and type

Caubh-Class Attack ship


7+1 Officers
16 Enlisted


2 (bidirectional) Electromagnetic Cannons
8 barreled laser turrets

crafts carried

2-4 Calike, 1 Pelia

Ryumcaubh (リュームコヴ) is a Caubh-Class Attack ship of the Humankind Empire of Abh's Star Forces. The vessel was under the command of Kilo-Commander Atosuryua Loy and was the command ship of the 1st Devastation Squadron.


Notable Members of the crew

The Ryumcaubh was launch presumably in ICY 958 from 7022nd Special Arsenal under the command of Kilo-Commander Atosuryua. When Abriel Lafiel rejoined the squadron, captain Sobaash relinquish her captainship of the Flicaubh and was reassigned to the Ryumcaubh as the squadron's Vice-Commander.

In ICY 959, the Ryumcaubh took part in Operation Twin Thorns. The Ryumcaubh and her sister ships demonstrated the exceptional design and performance expected of this new type of ships on the battlefield. They were vital in breaching and securing the heavily fortified and defended Kemal Sord. They were instrumental in spearheading a stellar hyperhighspeed strike against the heavy defended bases orbiting the planet Akaddo. Afterwards, the Ryumcaubh was ordered back to special arsenal #7022 in Lakfakalle. Shortly after her arrival, the Ryumcaubh fought against the invasion by the Federation of Hania in defense of the capital.

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