Saguri Bari

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Saguri Bari (jap.: 探り針) is a restaurant located near 7022nd Special Arsenal in Lakfakalle.


It is an independent orbital facility, a joint establishment with a hotel. It is a well-known establishment among Star Forces personnel.


In ICY 958, the restaurant was used by the Devastation Squadron to celebrate the founding.


The restaurant is about 3 hours away from Special Arsenal 7022 when flying with an acceleration of 2 standard gravities (1 g).


At 1 g acceleration the half way distance is 39730.5 m giving a total of distance of 79.461 km.

The true name is unclear. 探り針 is literally a "probe needle" (acupuncture needle). 針 with a bit of imagination can be interpreted "Stiletto" and further would result overall in "Stylet".