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Career information
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ICY 952


ICY 952


ICY 955



General characteristics
Class and type

Roil-Class Assault ship


6 Officers, 15 Enlisted


1 Antiproton Cannon
2 barreled laser turrets

crafts carried

1 (2) Calike

Saigroil or Seigroil (セーグロイル) is a ship of the Roil-Class Assault ship of the Humankind Empire of Abh's Laburec. It is known to have fought in the early stages of Operation Phantom Flame up until its destruction during the Recon Mission at Wimple.


Commissioned during the start of the war, the Saigroil did not see combat until well after the Battle of Skaresh. This time, she saw service with different training and reserve crews, as temporarily the front between the Abh Empire and the Three Nations Alliance saw ceasefire in order to recover from the engagement.

In ICY 955, she was assigned as one of the ship comprising the 1058th Assault Squadron commanded by Baroness Febdash Atosuryua Loy. As an assault ship, it saw combat during the early stages of Operation Phantom Flame. Its captain, Deca-Commander Ragash, saw success against United Mankind units at this time.

Badly damaged during its mission at Wimple, Ragash decided to transfer all of the crew; able, dead, and wounded, to the Basroil. He and the bridge crew were trapped in the bridge, having too few able hands to clear debris and run effective damage control to avoid the ship breaking up. He and his officers went down with the ship to buy time for the Basroil and its commander Deca-Commander Abriel Lafiel to escape.