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Samson Borgh Tiruser Tirusec
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Humankind Empire of Abh

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  • Citizen Before ICY 956
  • Noble Vassal of Earldom Hyde ICY 956-Present
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Samson Borgh Tiruser Tirusec, Samson Tirusec, or simply Samson is a citizen of the Humankind Empire of Abh. Currently, he's a retired Front-Wing Flyer of the Laburec working as the vassal in Earldom Hyde on behalf of Jinto Linn.


Samson was born on planet Dakufo. In his grandfather's time the then planet Midgrat joined the Empire. At the time offers had been leveraged from both the United Mankind and the Humankind Empire of Abh. Given the marginally greater autonomy over cuisine that the Empire offered; given that the Abh do not particularly care for regulating Lander affairs, Dakufo voted to join the Empire instead of the United Mankind. As he's described, their diet turns away many friends and he keeps it secret, though a study of Dakufo culture reveals that they consider domesticated cats as integral to some parts of their dishes.

He dreamed of having a farm of his own at the foot of the mountain Kremmen (クレンメン). In order to finance his dream he joined the Laburec and became an imperial citizen in ICY 935. He likely served in security as an enlisted member and at some point was wounded in action. By this, he earned an officer's commission as a Wing-Flyer prior to the outbreak of The War in ICY 952.

It is unclear whether he adjusted his family name upon becoming a citizen or if his family name "Samson" stayed unchanged. In any case he appears rather proud of his Lander heritage and generally earns respect among any officer or enlisted personnel he serves with. He's known for playing off tension with uncanny humor all the while running tight shifts under his commands whenever possible.

He entered technical training. ICY 948-955 and ose through enlisted ranks and became an engineer prior to Operation Phantom Flame. Here his attention to logistics and detail kept his ships running more efficiently than most of his peers. Some Abh were greatly impressed with this Lander's skill in maintaining and improving the performance of their ship and made sure he received consistent commendations.

In ICY 952, he experienced his first battle in the Battle of Skaresh. His vessel among the many managed to see the end of the fight alive; however, he too had to be sent to the reserve as both sides reeled form the total losses. In this time he improved his skills and training working to eventually earn a Chief Engineer commission aboard the Basroil by ICY 955.

There he got to develop a close personal relationship with then Front-Flyer Sobaash, Ekuryua, Lafiel, and Jinto. His best relationship appeared to be the professional friendship he shared with the ship's executive officer Sobaash, who respected him as a war-veteran and Lander with broader perspectives on life than most entitled officers. Aboard the Basroil he developed a reputation for humor and as always, a well managed engineering team that ran the ship's systems with greater efficiency than most.

In ICY 955, during a Recon Mission at Wimple, the Basroil was crippled by new multi-warhead separation mines. Despite their severe damage, Samson's teams were able to almost completely restore combat capability to the crippled ship, only failing to fully restore radar. Doing so potentially saved numerous lives of both the Basroil and later Seigroil, whose crew had to transfer to Basroil. His ability to help the crew stretch power and resources carried great merit.

Afterwards, he took part in the 2nd Battle of Aptic, where despite the damage control efforts of the crew, they could not prevent the ultimate destruction of the ship. Despite this, the damage control teams largely managed to keep the Basroil operational until the last moments permitting nearly all remaing crew to safely evacuate. Following this, he continued to serve along side bridge crew of the Basroil even after the Battle of Lobnas II.

In ICY 956, during an evacuation and revolt his superior and friend Jinto Linn was kidnapped.

He was forced to evacuated, but took leave and returned three weeks later to rescue Jinto.

Afterwards, he left the military and became Count Hyde family's steward.


A considered man and devote leader. He is a bit troubled by the seemingly young looking Abh.


He likes any liquor, strong distilled liquor made from mais. The EdeRoy(エデロイ) tea is a favorite, too. He prefers a dish from his home planet that involves cat.

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