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Crest of the Stars 1(星界の紋章I  帝国の王女 Seikai no Monshō 1 Teikoku no Ōjo) is the first book a three-volume novel by Hiroyuki Morioka. Published April 11, 1996. (ISBN 978-4150305475)(old ISBN 978-4150305471). Released September 6, 2006 in U.S. by Tokyopop (ISBN 978-1598165753)


Jinto sets out for his new life as an Abh. Jinto and Lafiel meet for the first time. However, trouble appears on the horizon as they make their way to the Imperial Capital.

1Delktou Spaceport (Bidaut Delktour) - デルクトゥー宇宙港(ビドート・デルクトゥール)[edit]

2 Pilot Trainee (Bene Lodair) - 翔士修技生(ベネー・ロダイル)[edit]

3 Daughter of Love (Fryum Neg) - 愛 の 娘(フリューム・ネグ)[edit]

4 Patrol Ship Gosroth (Resii Gosroth) - 巡察艦(レスイー)〈ゴースロス〉[edit]

5 Princess of the Empire (Lartnei Frybar) - 帝国の王女(ラルトネー・フリューバラル)[edit]

6 Emergency (Lesliamroth) - 緊急事態(レスリアムロス)[edit]

7 Battle of the Gosroth (Slashoth Gosroth) - 〈ゴースロス〉の戦い(スラーショス・ゴースロト)[edit]

8 Baron Febdash's Territory (Lyumusko Febdak) - フェブダーシュ男爵領(リュームスコル・フェブダク)[edit]

9 The Abh Smile (Barl Evos) - アーヴの微笑(バール・エヴォス)[edit]

10 Jinto's Anger (Sdlos Jintal) - ジントの怒り(セーロス・ジンタル)[edit]

11 The Former Baron (Lyuf Raika) - 前男爵(リューフ・レカ)[edit]

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