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Sobaash Üémh Dor Ïuth
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Prior to I.C.Y. 937

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Humankind Empire of Abh

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  • Front-Flyer I.C.Y. 952-955
  • Deca-Commander I.C.Y. 955-959
  • Hecto-Commander I.C.Y. 959-

Sobaash Üémh Dor Ïuth, Sobaash Juth, Sobaash or simply Sobash is a military officer of the Humankind Empire of Abh. She has seen battle in numerous engagements of The War, which include Operation Phantom Flame, Operation Hunter, Operation Twin Thorns, and Operation Snow Crystal.


She was a trader for a long time, during which she experienced many dangerous situations. From her experiences, she feels she is a suitable commanding officer candidate and has been toughened by her livelihood well before joining the military. Rumor has it that she truthfully is wealthy because she comes from a very profitable commercial empire in the history of the trade. This may have caused some officers to question her motives or qualifications truly in becoming an officer; somewhat represented by her private rivalry with whomever she served under. No matter the captain, she desired their position and believed she could do it better.

In ICY 955-956, she served as Line Wing Flyer aboard the Basroil as a senior navigator and its executive officer. At this time, she developed a rivalry against her captain then Deca-Commander Abriel Lafiel. She kept this somewhat private during her time of service, performing well regardless of her personal opinion of her captain and the royal family. During this time, she and the ship saw action during the Skirmish at Aptic.

During Operation Phantom Flame she developed a personal camaraderie with Wing-Flyer Samson, the ships chief engineer. The two discussed elements of Abh life and diet compared to the Landers from his own homeworld. She appeared for more fondly respect him as a hard-working officer compared to others she tended to encounter, feeling he as a scarred veteran had earned his place in the military. She survived the both the Recon Mission at Wimple and 2nd Battle of Aptic, despite the severe damage and later destruction of the first Basroil.

In ICY 956, following Operation Hunter, she received a field promotion Deca-Commander and took command of Basroil following Lafiel's depature form the Laburec to join Jinto Linn in diplomatic duties to Martine. She would not stay at the post for long. Having been a veteran of two operations she'd be given a new assignment shortly.

In ICY 956-957, she became Vice-Hecto-Commander and captain of the Flicaubh. This satisfied personally, a goal which she had developed during her rivalry with Lafiel, which was to hold a position which she outranked anyone in the royal family. In any case, she partook in the Martine Gate War Games, which while successfully testing the new Caubh-class of ships, was met with some political controversy.

Between the years ICY 957 to 959, she became Hecto-Commander and XO of the Shutoucaubh. In this capacity, she served the Laburec during operations Twin Thorns and Snow Crystal. While fighting along side comrades, she ended up behind enemy lines with her comrades as the Federation of Hania joined the now Four Nations Alliance in their Lakfakalle Campaign.


She appears warm, calm, and usually smiles taking everything in stride, even if it personally affronts her. She has perhaps a relentlessly positive nature as displayed despite losses taken during Operation Phantom Flame. Additionally, due to her dignified demeanor, she considers herself superior as a hard-working Abh compared to most royals or officers in comparable positions, leading to a secret rivarly against Abriel Lafiel.

She has developed a friendship with Samson Tirusec, who she feels most closely resembles the ideal person, Abh or Lander. She respects him, despite what poor habits he may have with alcohol, since he had seen action and earned his positions in the military every step of the way, bearing the scars of his service.

She has a personal sense of dignity and acts very understanding thanks to her varied experiences in life. For instance, in the midst of a chaotic food-fight prior to the Martine Gate War Games, she refuses to intervene at the request of her chief engineer Gurinshia. She does not react, even as food hits her face, which leaves her fellow officer aghast at the time.


She has a bad habit of preferring men who have bad habits.

She likes soyaze tea with some leaves and lots of sugar.

Difference and Changes between Novel and Anime[edit]

Sobaash's gender in the novel was male. Due to confusion in the adaptation, Sobaash's gender became female in the animation.

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