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Career information
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prior to ICY 948


prior to ICY 948

General characteristics
Class and type

Soge-Class Scout ship


2 Antiproton Cannon
unknown laser turrets

crafts carried

(1) Calike type

The Soge-class is a scout ship of the Humankind Empire of Abh's Star Forces.


One such ship found the cloased Hyde yuanon and initiated the opening of the sord. The Leif Erikson was destroyed due to the opening of the Hyde Sord. The ship invaded the Hyde system, recorded all the transmission from the planet Martine. During its circling of the planet it destroyed a defense satellite before returning to the Empire. After analyzing the records it was determined that the inhabitants were descendants of english speaking humans. Due to the value of the Hyde Sord the Empire immediately invaded and annexed the Hyde system.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[edit]

The Soge-class is able to travel vast distances at a relatively high speed.


Difference and Changes between Novel and Anime[edit]

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