Sosiec Daglei

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Sosïéc Üémh Sailar Daglei
Astrological information
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Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class

Nobility- Viscount


Sufagnoff Viscounty

Military information
Military rank

some Admiral rank

Sosie Wef Sailar Daglei (Baronh: ソスィエ・ウェフ = サイラル・ダグレー Sosïéc Üémh Sailar Daglei) was the first Viscount of Sufagnoff (ベール・スファグノム(スファグノーフ子爵)・ダグレー) of the Humankind Empire of Abh. He is part of the Sosiec founding family.


By ICY 648, Daglei was a fleet admiral and veteran of the Yaktia War. Daglei discovered the Sufagnoff system, and it was given to him for his services to the Empire. Daglei became the first Viscount of Sufagnoff, and named his planet Clasbul, after the intimidating Soswie family crest. As the Soswie clan had already amassed a fortune in interstellar estate business, Daglei could organize the venture of terraforming Clasbul right-away.


As with all the other Soswie (Tokyopop) his name as a noble was never completely given. Based on Tokyopop and on name convention it should be Sosie Wef Sailar Viscount Sufagnoff Daglei (ソスィエ・ウェフ = サイラル・ベール・スファグノム(スファグノーフ子爵)・ダグレー Sosïéc Üémh Sailar Borl Sufagnaum (Viscount Sufagnoff) Daglei).