Sosiec Etlei

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Sosïéc Üémh Sailar Etlei
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Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class

Nobility- Count


Sufagnoff County

Military information

Etlei (エトレー) was the third Viscount of Sufagnoff of the Humankind Empire of Abh.


Around ICY 729, Etlei became the third Viscount of Sufagnoff. He made arrangements with the territorial citizens' governments (Fapyut Semei Sos) of at least a dozen overpopulated territories. On November 29th, ICY 729, the colonization began with the first immigrants on Clasbul. With this his territory was elevated to a County and he received the title of Count.


As with all the other Soswie (Tokyopop) his name as a noble was never completely given. Based on Tokyopop and on name convention it should be Sosie Wef Sailar (Borl Sufagnaum) Etlei (Baronh: ソスィエ・ウェフ = サイラル・ベール・スファグノム(スファグノーフ子爵)・エトレー Sosïéc Üémh Sailar Borl Sufagnaum(Viscount Sufagnoff) Etlei).