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A squadron is a military unit of spaceships or aircrafts. It's the building block the building blocks for a Partial Fleet (Half-fleet). The term is disambiguated partly due to layman understanding or ignorance of military organization and simply bad translation. There's no consistency in the use of the term be it the Tokyopop translations or the animation. In the animation the units are often called squadron while in the later part are called fleets.

Humankind Empire of Abh[edit]

For small ships a squadron is composed of four divisions (or wings or band).[1] A wing or band can be divided into two flights of three ships. A flight is the smallest unit, usually found in the HQ squadron only.[2]:31

Type of squadrons[edit]

  • Assault(Ashal) squadrons
  • Guard(Methgeil) squadrons
  • Strike(Vortout) squadrons
  • Recon/Scout(Usem) squadrons
  • Supply(Dikporlei) squadrons

United Mankind[edit]