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Star Force Flag

The Star Forces, Laburec or Labule are the main Military Force of the Humankind Empire Abh and the planets that are uninhabited or are inhabited by humans are used as naval bases which house thousands of ships, starting with Battleships all the way to the smallest ship.

Creation of the Star Forces[edit]

Organization of the Star Forces[edit]

At the top level the Star Force is led by four command entities:

Except for the office of the Imperial Fleet HQ all the other offices are not operational commands.

The office of the Armed Forces General Staff Chief is responsible for strategic planning and operations. The General Staff Chief reports and advices directly the Head of State and Commander in Chief the Emperor or Empress.

The Imperial Fleet HQ is responsible for executing orders by the General Staff Chief or the Head of State.

The Spaude Rirrag is responsible for military intelligence and reports to the General Staff Chief, the Imperial Fleet HQ, and the Head of State.

The Glaharerl Shutymer is responsible for personnel administration and security.

The Star Force is divided into departments:

  • Flying Section
  • Administration Section
  • Ground Section
  • Medical Section
  • Technical Section
  • Police Section
  • Law Section
  • Nursing Section
  • Maintenance Section
  • Weaponry Section
  • Shipyard Section
  • Machinery Section
  • Computer Section
  • Route Section
  • Music Section

Fleet Organization of the Star Forces[edit]

The Fleets of the Star Forces are composed of units of fleets, partial fleets (Half-fleet) or squadrons. Each unit is classified by their mission profile:

  • Gurarl - Command squadron (special)
  • Usem - Reconnaissance
  • Vortout - Strike
  • Ashal - Assault
  • Dikporleil - Supply & Support
  • Methgeil - Escort

Squadrons are the building blocks for a partial fleet (Half-fleet). A squadron is composed of two flights of six ships and one command flight of three ships. For mobility small ships like the Guard- and Assault-Ships form units of six.

Half-fleets are the building blocks for a fleet. A Half-fleet is composed of three mission profile squadrons, three auxiliary squadrons (Escort, Strike, Support), and one command squadron. A Reconnaissance Half-fleet is an exception to the rule and is composed of six reconnaissance squadrons, one support squadron, and one command squadron. Reconnaissance Half-fleets are by far the most powerful units.

Fleets are the building blocks for bigger fleets or part of an Operation. A fleet can be composed of any combination of subunits. Depending on the fleet commander's rank a fleet can have about 10 Half-fleets. Under circumstances this number can be more or less.


The Star Force can trace its origin back to declaration of independence and the destruction of the Mother City Toyoashihara.

In ICY (?) during the war with the interstellar empire Alhamido/Al Hamid, Star Force Admiral Jimuryua Linda Narun led a military revolt for a revolution. After conquering the capital, she declared the founding of the Humankind Federation and herself its provisional president. She invades the Grand Duchy Letopan, but is repulsed by Kinege's fleet.Upon her return to the capital, her fleet is destroyed by the Empire. This incident is known as the Jimuryua Revolt. As a consequence of this revolt the ground forces of the Star Force were reorganized under the jurisdiction of the Flying Department.

The Sylesian War Conflict with the Sylesia Republic. Operation Shashain(シャシャイン).

The Kamintel War The last war of ICY 905. Operation Kamintel.

Invasion of the Hyde system

The War

List of Ships[edit]

Most Star Force ships have roughly the same chain of command aboard.