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Astrological information
Biographical information
Physical information
Political information
Military information

Data fields[edit]

  • BG1
  • BG2
  • imageBG
  • image
  • name
  • namesake
  • meaning
  • star
  • born
  • died
  • ancestor
  • race
  • gender
  • hair
  • eyes
  • trait
  • nation
  • social rank
  • domain
  • rank
  • command
  • BG1 (optional color modifier)
  • BG2 (optional color modifier)

Display parameters[edit]

  • hidep - Biographical information

Usage instructions[edit]

Paste the following code at the beginning of the article, filing all relevant fields. If a field doesn't apply, just leave it blank.
Note: This template has customizable colors for both primary and secondary headings. However, the heading colors will default to shades of gray; choose your colors appropriately.