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The Chronology of the Seikai Universe

The early history of the Abh is lost in the destruction of the original mothership's logs. The majority of human history remains unknown.

Age of Space exploration[edit]

BE = Before Empire

ICY = Imperial Calendar Year

Year Event Other Event
Age of Space exploration
unknown founding of orbital city '
unknown - discovery of the Yuanon
circa 1200 BE creation of original Abh; departure of deep space exploration ship -
unknown (circa 9 years later) exploration ship discovers a Yuanon -
unknown (circa 5 months later) exploration ship successfully captures the Yuanon -
circa 1173 BE exploration ship reconfigured to use the Yuanon -
circa 1173 BE main navigation (?child) ceases function -
circa 1173 BE Declaration of Independence -
unknown exploration ship is rebuilt to the city ship Abriel -

The Great era of wandering[edit]

Year Event Other Event
Age of Wandering
circa 973 BE destruction of the orbital city -
unknown the Abh start to call themselves Abh -
157 BE the Houdini paper is obtained -
circa 120 BE destruction of the ship's archive -
98 BE plane space navigation theory established -
unknown contact with Ma'at-ka-Ra(マアト・カー・ラーと) star system -
52 BE experiment to open a Sord -
19 BE successful opening of a Sord -
3 BE success of the first plane space navigation experiment -
2 BE success in finding a Sord from the plane space side
plane space navigation technology completed

Age of Empire[edit]

Year Event Other Event
Age of Empire
ICY 1 founding of the Abh Empire -
unknown 3 star systems conquered -
ICY 42 (Landers) join the Abh -
circa ICY 200 terraforming technology established -
circa ICY 495 - St. Peter Incident
circa ICY 645 Yaktia(ヤクティア) campaign -
ICY 648 terraforming of Clasbul begins -
circa ICY 685 discovery of the Sord near the Sol(ar) system -
November 29, ICY 729 colonization of Clasbul begins -
circa ICY 750 Jimuryua Revolt; revolt of the last Star Forces Army -
ICY 812 annexation of the Sekutia(セクティア)(?typo) Federation -
circa ICY 830 - Sylesia(シレジア) War
circa ICY 850 シャシャイン War -
circa ICY 850 colonization of Delktou -
circa ICY 900 birth of Sobaash Juth -
ICY 903 - birth of Kyte
ICY 905 Kamintel War ends -
circa ICY 906 Atosuryua becomes the first Baroness Febdash -
circa ICY 920 birth of Samson Tirusec -
ICY 933 birth of Ekuryua Naurh -
ICY 935 proto-Abh discovered birth of Jinto Linn
ICY 936 birth of Abriel Lafiel -
ICY 940 birth of Abriel Duhir -
ICY 940 - Nova Sicilia Treaty
ICY 945 Gokyuto(ゴキュート) star system discovered Operation Iolaos ends
ICY 945 Hyde star system discovered -
ICY 945 Operation Quicksand
surrender and annexation of Hyde star system
ICY 945 elevation of Rock Linn as the first Hyde Count -
ICY 952 Lafiel and Jinto meeting for the first time -
ICY 952 (circa 5 days later) Goslauth incident
Empire declares war against the Four Nations Alliance
Operation Herkules
ICY 952 birth of Diaho -
ICY 952 Battle of Sufagnoff -
ICY 952 Hyde County under enemy control -
ICY 952 Battle of Skaresh
ICY 952 Four Nations Alliance splits into the Three Nations Alliance -
circa 954 Jinto becomes the second Count Hyde -
circa 955 Atosuryua Loy becomes the fourth Baroness Febdash -
ICY 955 Operation Phantom Flame
first Basroil commissioned
ICY 955 Miskel, Dalmav, Miofrantia come under Imperial control -
ICY 955 Battle of Aptic
Aptic surrenders about a month later
ICY 955 Neopol and Malskuty(マルスクティ) comes under Imperial control -
ICY 955 Guen Tauron leaves office -
ICY 956 Operation Hunter -
ICY 956 Abriel Dubeusec is reactivated
Operation Light Snow
ICY 956 Hyde star system declares independence -
ICY 956 Lobnas star system come under Imperial control
Battle of Lobnas
ICY 956 (23 days) Battle of Sarukusu(サルクス)
Vascotton star system comes under Imperial control
circa ICY 956 Egumundo(エグムント) star system comes under Imperial control -
ICY 958 first Devastation Squadron commissioned
excercise conducted off-planet in the Hyde system
annexation of the Hyde star system
ICY 958 first Devastation Squadron decommissioned -
ICY 959 Operation Twin Thorns -
ICY 959 Battle of Kemal
naval production site destroyed
ICY 959 Mairal star system comes under Imperial control -
ICY 959 Operation Snow Crystal
the Federation of Hania invades the Empire
ICY 959 Operation Phoenix -
ICY 959 Battle of Kryb
Battle of Lakfakalle
Empress Ramaj is KIA
Ex-Empress Lameimar is KIA
Ex-Emperor Dusuum is KIA
Ex-Baron Atosuryua Sruf is KIA
ICY 959 Lakfakalle falls under Four Nations Alliance control -
ICY 959 provisional Imperial capital is setup at the Sotoryuru(ソトリュール) naval station -
ICY 959 Abriel Dusanyu is crowned as the 28th Emperor
Lafiel is named provisional Crown Princess
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Additional Chronology[edit]