Trampling Warfare

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 This is a term used by (some) fans.

Trampling warfare is a strategy used by some fleet commanders like Spoor. It is basically, a [cavalry] strategy.


As plane space restricts the use of normal space weapons trampling warfare is most useful in plane space. The strategy is to do a cavalry assault which in effect is similar to a stampede. The main target of the cavalry assault is directed at enemy patrol ships. The main trick is to have a formation with a larger depth than the defending line of enemy forces. In order to survive, enemy ships would have to engage face numerous ships coming at them one after another. In this case, the a cavalry assault is an attrition tactic that bears hard on both sides. As such most commanders, would not consider using this tactic.

The trampling part of the strategy, however, is the picking on the "behind the lines" or "left over" and "defenseless" ships like battleships.[1]

The strategy is most effective in dividing enemy forces.[2][1][3]

It could be used to wear down larger enemy forces at a greater risk e.g. like [Alexander the Great].[4] This due to the required space for the whole force to maneuver and the risk of getting cut off or being surrounded in the mean time.[5]