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Unit information
Active Date:

ICY 952


Humankind Empire of Abh

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Humankind Empire of Abh

Flying Section







Command information

Admiral Trife


Kilo-Commander Kahyul Lemesh

Culture and history

The Trife fleet is a relief force unit of the Star Forces(Labule/Laburec) of the Humankind Empire of Abh.

Toraimu is probably a print-error for Toraifu=Trife; it appears only once in the COTS3 novel)


The sudden invasion of the UMK in ICY 952 prompted the Star Forces to gather an emergency relief fleet to recapture Sufagnoff. As one of the vice commanders in chief of the Peace Protection Office Admiral Trife was put in command of the fleet.[1][2]

Battle of Sufagnoff[edit]

Main article: Battle of Sufagnoff

When the fleet arrived it was met with 3 partial fleets from the Fleet A of the United Mankind Peace Preservation Army Contingent/Dispatch. Admiral Trife let his fleet display a show of force formation to intimidate the opposition and eventually force them to retreat. However, the strategy did not work and battle became unavoidable. It was only later revealed that the UMK fleet was indeed a diversion.

Of the nearly 2100 ships from the Trife fleet 145 are considered lost or disabled:[3]:66[4]:48

Battle Result
' Leit Gel Resii Alek total
destroyed 24 17 1 42
heavily damaged 51 47 5 103
total lost 145
lightly damaged 95 117 19 7 238
total 383

The lightly damaged ships were repaired by the construction ships (Dausuia) and put back into action.

The UMK fleet numbered nine hundred interstellar warships. Only twenty-seven, all of which surrendered to the Labule, were left, although, barely functional.

Battle of Skaresh[edit]

Main article: Battle of Skaresh


Admiral Trife (ICY 952)

Order of battle[edit]

Notable Members of the fleet
  • Kilo-Commander Kahyul Lemesh, Chief of staff of the Fleet
  • Hecto-Commander Shuril, Staff Officer, tactical advisor of Trife Fleet
  • Vice-Hecto-Commander Nasotoryua, communication, transferred from Imperial Information Bureau

The Trife fleet consisted of seven partial fleets and a few independent squadrons.[5]:273[6]:200 The Trife fleet comprised almost twenty-one hundred ships.[1]:274[2]:201

  • Sov Gurarl, HQ squadron: (ships: Kelldeju, etc.)
  • Jadbyr Usem Futune
  • Jadbyr Ashal Rokeil
  • Jadbyr Ashal Wakapeil
  • Jadbyr Ashal Byrdeif/Byuuldef
  • Jadbyr Ashal Kitiil
  • Jadbyr Vortout Bask Gamryuuf
  • Jadbyr Dikporleil Ashumatoshu/Ashmatosh: all supply units from all partial fleets combined
  • several Sov Raglaze: independent squadrons with temporary land forces and their direct-command vessel (Glabauria).


numerical discrepancy in force composition may rise from inclusion of shuttles, communication boats, and dropships


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