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Tlaïmh Borgh Ybdér Laimsairh
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Hair Color

dark green hair

Eye Color

light blue

Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

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Military information
Military rank
  • ICY 951-952 Vice-Admiral
  • ICY 952-955 Admiral
  • ICY 955-Present Grand Admiral

Tlaïmh Borgh Ybdér Laimsairh (Baronh: トライフ•ボルジュ=ユブデール•レムセール)[1]:271[2]:198 or Trife Laimsairh is a Admiral of the Star Force who has held active commands during The War. He has served in battle for the empire during the Battle of Sufagnoff Gate, Battle of Skaresh, and Hunter.


He had a bad episode with Admiral Kashmansh from Imperial Intelligence Agency over a sky-blue haired girl during their time in training school. Trife retired as an Admiral in ICY 952, and was one of the directors of the Peace Protection Office.[3]:274[4]:201

With the start of the War following the Battle of Goslauth Trife's post was reactivated and a large contingent of 7 partial fleets [1][2] were organized into the Trife Fleet. His primary objective was to engage and attempt halt the advance of the main United Mankind allied fleet. He managed to engage lead elements of Task Force A at Sufagnoff. He managed to win a decisive victory over the fleet by launching a spearhead of Scout Partial Fleet Futuune commanded by then Rear-Admiral Beneej Spoor. Despite the victory, the diversion the Mankind sought to set up worked and diverted Trife's forces temporarily away from the pending engagement at Skaresh.

Following the temporary armistice between ICY 952 until ICY 955, Trife's Fleet was reorganized into the 21st Phantom Flame Fleet as a reserve unit in the event of an emergency situation if any of Prince Dusanyu's lead elements were threatened. A secondary role of the fleet was to train a new unit, large attack force, under an experienced Admiral. Trife did not see action during Operation Phantom Flame.

In ICY 956, he took part in the Operation Hunter as the Commander-in-Chief of the 21st Hunter Fleet, formed of reserve units.. As it became clear, that the United Mankind was given an opportunity to breach the lines formed by the fleets commanded by Admiral Bebaus. Vice-Admiral Spoor gathered critical strategic intelligence at the Battle of Lobnas II which allowed the Trife to interdict the enemy and compel a major enemy surrender at the Salks Gate before they could escape to the Milky Way Gates.


Admiral Trife has a direct personality, rather blunt with his officers and his attitude towards Abh intelligence, which has let him and his superiors down in key strategic situations on at least two occasions. Despite his tough-guy personality, he acts as a cautious commander in regards to tactics. He exercises great care over the 21st fleet to avoid committing fully to an engagement unless entirely convinced of his fleet's superiority. A log notes him having asked his Chief of Staff Kilo-Commander Kahyul ". . . What's the remaining 0.3% . . ." Later explaining his reluctance to fight "Look, I prefer not to fight with so many doubts".

His caution combined with his tendency to be terse create a flexible command structure, which allows for his fleet to react to a combat situation more readily then highly regimented units, being one commander that survived the large stalemate at Skaresh. This internal command flexibility allows his officers to act upon their own initiative as the fight may dictate. He and Beneej Spoor get along rather well, and they maintain some distance contact through the scouting fleet Futune, which Spoor still has some great attachment to.


Highly honor bound and empathetic to the members of his command, he attempted to figure out, with the help of Kilo-Commander Kahyul, how to stage a celebration following an enemy surrender at Salks Gate. He felt compelled to note to his subordinate that he didn't feel his troops should pay for a celebration "Oh behalf of the Empire". The decision was to balance it between all the hands and crew of the fleet chipping in a small sum and setting aside part of the defense allocation budge of 21st Fleet Hunter for this occasion.

Trife's second-hand, Kilo-Commander Kahyil, serves as Trife's foil at times. Kahyul, perhaps with dry humor, often includes redundant information in his reports or suggestions to Trife. He also does so in an identical tone to when he delivers critical information; overly serious and flat. Trife often is direct with his orders, once he finally makes up his mind, which may annoy his subordinates; thus the dry and subtle banter between the two.

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