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United Mankind
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600 billion (ICY 952)

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The United Mankind is the second most powerful human nation in the Milky Way Galaxy in ICY 952. It is a democratic nation and signing member of the Nova-Sicilia treaty, also known as the Four Nations Alliance. It is currently at war with the Humankind Empire of Abh.


Rikpal is the official language of the United Mankind.


Sylesian War[edit]

More than 120 years ago the Sylesia Republic was a military dictatorship ruled by thousand families who promoted the superhuman race via gene manipulation. Their policy was in conflict with the rest of humanity and it came to war. As participant of the war the United Mankind took part in the Battle of Sylesia and has since assimilated part of Sylesian territory.

Nova-Sicilia Treaty[edit]

In ICY 940, the United Mankind invited representatives from the Federation of Hania, the Republic of Greater Alkont, and the People's Sovereign Union of Planets to the planet Nova-Sicilia in their territory. The United Mankind proposed a non-aggression treaty with these nations in order to form a front against the Humankind Empire of Abh.

The War[edit]

Main article: The War
"Who are the Abh?

Collectively, the Abh are a machine. They do not value their children, except as replacement parts.

What is the machine?

It is the Humankind Empire of Abh, which is a continual threat to wholesome human society. If we do not stop this machine, it will devour all other human societies.
Thus, the Abh must be destroyed.
―From a speech by Congressperson Fitzdavid at the United Mankind Central Council[src]

In ICY 952, the United Mankind concentrated forces in the Vascotton system and opened a Sord Keish 193 into the 12th Sord Ring territory of the Humankind Empire of Abh. By chance the Imperial patrol ship Goslauth witnessed the movement and was engage in what is now known as the Battle of Goslauth. Seizing the opportunity the United Mankind initiated Operation Hercules to invade. The Goslauth incident was later used as justification for the retaliation against the Empire, which promptly declared war. Sanpul Sangalini was the Ambassador of the United Mankind leading the other Ambassadors.

The United Mankind's military is said to lack flexibility and is very tied to political leadership. There is a custom of officials taking part in war or at least at the headquarters.


I believe in the existence of the General Moral of the Humanity.

I am willing to endeavor for the improvement of the General Moral of the Humanity.
I am willing to endeavor for the promotion of the General Moral of the Humanity.

I trust and rely on the United Mankind,
because it is the best organization for the improvement and the promotion of the General Moral of the Humanity.
For the General Moral of the Humanity, I am willing to abide by the laws of the United Mankind.
For the General Moral of the Humanity, I am willing to comply to the orders of the United Mankind.

I wholeheartedly hope the United Mankind to continue and exist forever;
and even if I, due to it, will fall in battlefield, I am not afraid.
— Oath taken by union citizens of the United Mankind, Seikai no Senki 3


The United Mankind's political system is a combination of a parliamentary system and (direct) democracy. This system heavily resembles the federal system represented by 20th and 21st century democracies such as Japan or the United States.

The legislative branch, simply named Congress, consists of two houses; known among Landers as a bicameral branch. The upper house is called Council of Planets and lower house is called Central Council.

The United Mankind has a strong political culture for civilian leadership include civilians acting as council directors to overall military affairs. Due to this it suffers from bureaucracy and inflexibility during peacetime, resulting in slower; albeit steadier, growth rates of their economy.

During wartime, power concentrates in the President and a council of military officers. Being a member of the Four Nations Alliance, the council formed a joint coalition with their allies known as the Military Appraisal Council.


The Military consists of the two branches of the United Mankind Peacekeeping Corps. These branches include the United Mankind Space Peacekeepers and the United Mankind Peacekeeper Corps Army.

Among the nations comprising the Four Nations Alliance, the industrial strength and size of the United Mankind's population makes the Peacekeeping Corps the largest military force among the Alliance, second largest in the galaxy.

Typically of units at the front representing the Alliance, the United Mankind to date remains the force that represents the majority of most alliance forces.

The United Mankind normally as a civilian director of the Peacekeeping Corps who coordinates budgeting and overall structure of the military and its research aims. The President acts as the military Commander-in-Chief; however, normally does not play an active role in the field.


To date, prior to the war; the United Mankind often followed national interest distinct form those that fell among other Human nations. Following the Abh seizure of Martine in the system Hyde; the United Mankind adopted a broader and more friendly tone to other Human interstellar nations.

As member of the Nova-Sicily Treaty, the United Mankind works together with the Four Nations Alliance to contain the Humankind Empire of Abh and mutual defense pact in the event the Abh chose to assault one of the major powers. The Nova-Sicily Treaty is a non-aggression pact the relation to the other nations as well; gaurenteeing no Human nation goes to war with another Human.

Current the United Mankind stands as the chief backer of the Nova-Sicily Treaty Alliance. Its original purpose was to send a signal to the Humankind Empire of Abh to cease expansion and not to tread upon human interest. It also was a leverage tool for negotiations to ensure civilian access to Kingdom Ilsyr prior to The War.


The United Mankind supports free trade. All member planets must conform to the laws passed by the Central Council. The United Mankind strongly supports Homogenization of culture on each planet for increased human interaction and unity. However, it has not been successful so far.


  • Human genetic manipulation is forbidden and is a felony
  • Genetic testing of fertilized eggs are prohibited
  • Smoking and drug consummation is forbidden; smoking was banned 200 years prior to ICY 952, approximately around 4034 A.D.
  • In documentation, origin of birth and ethnic origin are required
  • Men, women, homosexuals have equal rights
  • Military service becomes compulsory for blocks of citizens between 18 and 24 for at least 2 years.
  • Instead of capital punishment for criminals, they are sent to correction and rehabilitation centers or to planets with a quarantine center for those who ask for it.
  • Members of the Sylesian longevity race are not allowed to wed normal humans


  • The United Mankind practices by law a secular society; however, many citizens are intensely religious. Many religious symbols and slogans are even included or accepted within the government and military.
  • Despite the law ensuring complete equality between genders and orientations; many Landers of the United Mankind share an overall disdain for what they consider disgraceful behavior in the case of homosexuality. This does not represent a majority position; however, appears to impact who may or may not ultimately serve in the military.
  • Dying one's hair blue symbolizes a form of protest in solidarity with the Abh among some pacifists. Such behavior or any general association with the Abh are intensely looked down upon.
  • The United Mankind has a highly federalized system where local systems may exercise tremendous amounts of individual freedom. Within the framework of regulations of recreational drugs and drink; people are free on their planets to practice most religious traditions and imbibe drinks at their leisure.
  • Despite compulsory service; citizens of the United Mankind generally almost entire volunteer within their eligible ages. Additionally, enforcement of the draft is rare if at all during times of peace. Prior to The War, the Peacekeeping Corps was comprised entirely of volunteers.


  • Children are typically educated strictly between the ages of 4 to 18, extended prior to 4 at the parents' wish or after at the pupil's wish.
  • The life span of Landers within the United Mankind due to their intense aversion to genetic engineering or manipulation is shorter than most humans; ranging from 110 to 75, varying wildly depending on world, wealth, or individual life-style.
  • While there is one official language of the United Mankind, languages between cities on the same planet may vary tremendously much less between worlds or system. There is a general requirement that all speak the federal language; however, historically and socially, language forms an intensely important part of identity.
  • Health regulation despite the outlaw of some harmful vices varies wildly between worlds due to the significant amount of local autonomy permitted and guaranteed by the United Mankind's federal constitution. This too contributes significantly to the varying life spans.
  • There is a significant belief in a meritocratic society structure in the United Mankind, to the point that nobility and grandiose titles are outlawed. This does not inhibit honors awarded for academia, science, or significant contributions to the people or state.