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Alexander "Mr. Raven" Mikoyan Corbeau
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I.C.Y. 921, 4203 A.D.

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Honorary Knight



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Military rank
  • Warrant Officer CL1, ICY 952-953
  • Lieutenant, ICY 953-954
  • Major, ICY 954-955
  • Line-Wing Flyer, ICY 955-957
  • Deca-Commander, ICY 957-Present
  • Junior Strategic Information Council, ICY 952-954
  • Military Morale Regulation Committee, ICY 954-955
  • Director of Academia, Sotoryuru Academy, ICY 956-957
  • Director of Experimental Instruction, Sotoryuru Naval Base, ICY 957-Present

Born 4203 A.D. / I.C.Y. 921, Alex "Mr. Raven" Corbeau is a Lander defector who currently works as a historian and military clerk for the Abh Empire. He resides at Sotoryuru, where he works to document for a Lander audience the different perspectives of The War. He often works with Admiral Almael, whom he conducts interviews with and gathers information. He has gained some moderate success, despite or because of his reputation as the "Mad Historian".

Early Work[edit]

His earliest work focused on astronomy and the history of interstellar exploration and politics. He had a relatively brief civilian career, though managed to release a handful of publications prior to him being drafted. Among his studies include the expansion of the United Mankind, where he was from, and their interactions with the Abh thereafter. He published his graduate thesis after heavy revisions as a modestly well selling book on the history of the Earth post 20th Century to the 40th.

Before the war, his best selling books were those that delved into the research and discussions of war titled Land and Space, Blood and Iron: Interstella Conventions of War, A 5 Nation Analysis which inspired some propaganda films and holo-game work in the United Mankind. The least detailed volume was Volume 3 on the Laburec due to the heavily classified material, but after acquiring some licences and interviewing Landers who served in the Abh military, the details were among the most accurate sources to date among the human nations.

Publications pre-War[edit]

4228 A.D./I.C.Y. 946 From Earth to Aptic, Two Millennia of Humanity: History of Mankind from 2000's AD to 4000's AD

4231 A.D./I.C.Y. 949 The Sword in Politics, Gates to the New Universe: Mankind-Abh Relations

4233 A.D./I.C.Y. 951 Land and Space, Blood and Iron: Interstellar Conventions of War, A 5 Nation Analysis

The War[edit]

United Mankind Service[edit]

Once the war broke out, Corbeau joined the Peackeeping Corps. of the United Mankind. He seemed more useful in a logistics and file keeper role. Also in need of writers, the United Mankind commissioned him for a time to publish propaganda and pressured him to revise volume 3 of his previous publication to emphasize impact on non-combatants. During this time, he failed to set aside much time to write proper new material outside of those approved by the Military Appraisal Council. To date, he has not been creditted to any major publication during the active conflict year of ICY 952, then another prolonged hiatus form ICY 953 to ICY 955.

He partook in the skirmishes and minor battles during Operation Phantom Flame, serving on a patrol ship as the supply officer; helping maintain the ship log with events of "historical significance". The bloodiest day in his relatively short military career was at Battle of Lobnas II. This moment in part solidified a position against the United Mankind for him. A regular audio and written log keeper, he has for this day just before the Surrender at Salks Gate:

"Dear Mother, . . . We met in quick fight the 'Mad Admiral', I don't know if I have words to describe it. . . . We attacked . . . This for a gate and some space? . . . The only enemy I met here, were the dead."

Defection, Abh Service[edit]

Once the Salai Sector Fleet had surrendered at Salks Gate, he was taken prisoner for a time and held captive among numerous prisoners. He came forward offering services as a clerk and journalist, since he had in part done so with his books. Highly distrusted, he went through a battery of interrogation by Abh intelligence prior to being admitted into the Laburec, demoted from his United Mankind commission as a Major to a Line-Wing Flyer in the Laburec for a time.

He demonstrated his loyalty and attention to detail, spending time documenting and publishing new works revealing the humanity of Abh to Lander readers within the Empire. His books were censured in the United Mankind since he was deemed a traitor. With not much use as a military officer in the rear, he would teach military tactics and history to upcoming trainees, rotating posts, but often never missing a chance to interview officers about their experiences in the war.

Currently, he teaches "Counter-Conventional Tactics" at Sotoryuru Naval Base, developing some conventions about dealing with separation mines using decoy attacks and battleship advances to soak damage. He currently argues for the abolishment of Assault-Squadrons, arguing new tactics required punching power of Battleships and Patrol ships, with Assault-Squadrons replacing the larger slower ships as recon and intelligence units. This advocacy as of late largely is ignored since he only holds a commission as a Deca-Commander.

Publications during The War[edit]

United Mankind[edit]

4235 A.D./I.C.Y. 953 Wolves at the Gates: Area Itoum 533 and the War that Came.

  • Revised by the Military Appraisal Council to be titled Wolves at the Gate: Defending Humanity against the Empire

4236 A.D./I.C.Y. 956 The Eyes of the Galaxy Are Upon Us: Battle of Skaresh, Strike at the Empire's Heart

4237 A.D./I.C.Y. 955 Defend The Crossing: Fall of Aptic

  • Revised by the Military Appraisal Council and re-published as Defending Against Conquerors: Analysis of the Defense of Aptic.

Humankind Empire of Abh[edit]

4237 A.D./I.C.Y. 955 Volume 1. Diaries: The Hidden War

4238 A.D./I.C.Y. 956 Volume 2. Letters Home: The Hidden War

4239 A.D./I.C.Y. 957 “It is Well that War is so Terrible . . .” 5 Years, a History of The War

4240 A.D./I.C.Y. 958 This Conflict of Ours: Campaigns of The War

4241 A.D./I.C.Y. 959 A Lander's Interviews of The Honored: The Stories of the Abh

4241 A.D./I.C.Y. 959 Volume 3. Alarm! The Hidden War

  • Revised and edited by Laburec intelligence, re-published as Volume 3. Interviews: The Hidden War.

Personal File[edit]

Details about his personal life are fairly well known given he is a public figure and often writes about himself. These are sometimes collaborated by journals fellow veterans whom served with him. Many, include the Abh looked down upon him, feeling his defection was tantamount to treason. He in his works though has earned the respect of many civilians for offering an insight to the personal and mental impact of the war, which despite its duration has not been well documented yet.


Often he goes through bouts of clean or unshaven faces, often saying "I can't decide which I hate more, shaving or having a beard, but I do know I hate both." This often resulted in disciplinary action while he served in the United Mankind, yet he appears well kept now, though grumbles very often about it. An oddity of his is that he will proceed to shave in his lecture hall in the morning regardless of being in front of cadets during a training session.

Otherwise, he's a comedic soul and attempts to be very lighthearted when engaging conversation. He will not hesitate to discuss his personal life or past to an emotional extent, which further calls his mental health into question.


Mrs. Corbeau, his mother feels ambivalently toward him following his defection. She lives well within occupied Mankind territory, so "Mr. Raven" may visit her at his leisure. He often refers to her in his memoirs as the reason he fought and his source of mental stability. "The only person in the universe, a mother, whom can tolerate what I love."

Raven Beilschmidt a Lander whom resided with him for a brief time whom he personally finds appealing. She worked as a civilian clerk at the military institution. Currently she works as an actuary for a local manufacturing firm on the world. "Mr. Raven" is often rather secretive about his relationship to her, and normally avoids talking about it adamantly. As of late, the couple appears to have had a falling out.

Reyna DeLennox fellow researcher and journalist whom he had begun talking to shortly after apparently distancing himself from Beilschmidt. She assisted in part documenting and investigating the controversy and social impact of the Martine Gate War Games for Landers and Abh.