Four Nations Alliance

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The Four Nations Alliance also known as the Nova-Sicilia Nations. It is a military alliance formed to oppose the Humankind Empire of Abh.



In ICY 940 four nations, the United Mankind, the Republic of Greater Alkont, People's Sovereign Union of Planets, and the Hania Federation , gathered in the Nova-Sicilia system within the United Mankind. They gave up their feuds and signed a treaty. Although, not outspoken it was clearly against the only nation that was not invited, Humankind Empire of Abh.

The treaty is called the Nova-Sicilia treaty, and referred to its member nations as the Nova-Sicilian states. However, they preferred to refer to themselves as the States Valuing Human Rights, and the Empire simply called them "The Four Nations Alliance".


When the Empire annexed an unknown human colony, Martine in the Hyde system in ICY 945, the Alliance protested and began a string of political arguments. In ICY 952 the United Mankind occupied under pretense of retaliation for the Battle of Goslauth the [[Sufagnoff system|Sufagnoff March]. The Empire retook the system shortly but not after loosing several more systems in the 12th sord ring (Hyde, Boraash, Febdash,,). The Empire declared war.

The Great War[edit]

Using the occupation of Sufagnoff as a diversion the Alliance moved secretly a huge force toward the Imperial Capital. This was discovered and resulted in the Battle of Skaresh.

Soon the Hania Federation split off from the Alliance claiming neutrality. The remaining Alliance was then called the Three Nations Alliance.

Heavy losses on both sides resulted in an unspoken ceasefire for the nest three years.